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Francesco Rizzi

Senior Technician

Research Line

Nanotechnologies for Humans and Biosystems


CBN@UniLe Lecce


Via Barsanti, sn
+39 0832 1816 210
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Francesco Rizzi is hired in the Robotics-MEMS platform of Center for Bio-molecular Nanotechnologies at University of Lecce (CBN-IIT@UniLe). His interests are based on setting up bio-mimicking strategies for micro- and nano- fabrication technologies, mainly in the Clean Room Laboratory, for processing of new sensors and devices. He wants to develop scientifical and technological synergies among the different IIT departments and IIT Research Units with particular attention to development of micro- and nano- fabrication technologies useful for applications in Robotics, Neuroscience and New Materials.


Francesco received an M.Sci. degree in Physics in 2000 from University of Bari , Italy . He obtained his PhD from the University of Bari in 2004 for work on “electrically controlled mid-IR tunability in three-terminal GaAs/AlAs semiconductor superlattices based devices”. Postdoctoral work, also at Bari, centred on the development of QCL-based photoacoustic spectroscopy for pollution studies. Later, he joined the Institue of Photonics at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, as part of the “Marie Curie Research Training Network - Clermont2” with the primary aim of developing fabrication of GaN-based microcavities to study strong light-matter coupling. This was a joint project with Department of Physics at Strathclyde University.


In collaboration with IIT TeleRobotics and Applications Dept. and IIT MRN RU NNL in Lecce, already joined a group of Europen Research Universities and Institutions in a “Small or medium-scale focused research project” (STREP) called “Robotic Fish Locomotion and Sensing” (FILOSE) for the technological purpose stated above.

Moreover, in collaboration with other colleagues from IIT Shared Laboratories Dept. , the IIT Nanochemistry Dept. and even the IIT MRN RU NNL in Lecce, his goal is to apply nano- fabrications Clean Room technologies to develop new nanocomposite-based smart devices relevant in nano-photonics, micro-fluidic and drug delivery.



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