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Francesco Rea


Research Line

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


+39 010 2897 210
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Rea Francesco got his bachelor degree in Software Engineering at the Universita di Bergamo
Italy. He got the MSc degree in Robotics and Automation with distiction at the Salford
University, England. Since 2009, at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, he has promoted
the research in the eld of humanoid robotics. He got his PhD degree in 2013 where he
exploited the aspects of perception and cognition in active vision. In his thesis FROM
HUMAN-ROBOT INTERACTION, starting from di erent perceptive mechanisms (stereo
neuromorphic sensor, frame-based color stereo vision), he addressed di erent biological mod-
els of cognitive development (attention system, prediction, learning, oculomotor controls).
He has recently been involved in the study and simulation of the "Consequences of loading
on postural-focal dynamics" in humans/humanoid in collaboration with U.S. Army Natick
Soldier RDEC. Since 2009, he investigated in European projects (eMorph, Darwin) different
topics in the eld of biological modeling of human brain functions by testing novel ndings
on the humanoid robot iCub. His research is now continuing in exploiting the models of
child development and validation of biological model on the humanoid platform iCub.


Emorph - Event-Driven Morphological Computation for Embodied Systems


Darwin - Dexterous Assembler Robot Working with embodied Intelligence

Selected Publications

Embedded neuromorphic vision for humanoid robots (C. Bartolozzi, F. Rea, C. Clercq,
M. Hofsttter, D.B. Fasnacht, G. Indiveri, G. Metta), In IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2011

Can a robotic attention system simulate infant gazing behavior (K.S. Lohan, F. Rea,
G. Metta), In RO-MAN, 2013 IEEE

Staring us in the face? An embodied theory of newborn face preference (Nick Wilkin-
son, Ali Paikan, Francesco Rea, Giorgio Metta and Gustaf Gredeback), In Develop-
mental Science (under evaluation)

Event-Driven Visual Attention for the Humanoid Robot iCub (F. Rea, G. Metta, C.
Bartolozzi), In Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering, 2013 IEEE. (under evaluation)


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