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Francesco De Angelis

Senior Researcher Tenured - Principal Investigator
Senior Researcher

Research Line

Plasmon Nanotechnologies


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


+39 010 2896 249
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He obtained the master degree in Physics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and the Ph.D. in Physics at Università di Roma Tre. The themes of both Master Degree and Ph.D. concerned nanofabrication and characterization High Electron Mobility Transistors. Currently, he is senior researcher at IIT where he leads the Plasmon Nanotechnology Unit. His main expertise relies on micro and nano-optical devices for biomedical applications. He held an IDEAS-ERC Consolidator grant (Neuro-Plasmonics, 2014-2018) and currently a ERC-POC (MAREP 209-2021). The aim of the projects is developing radically new interfaces between electrical/optical devices and neuronal networks. He was also coordinator of the PROSEQO project (FET Open 20016-2019) and ProID (FET Open, 2021-2024) that are devoted to next-generation methods for protein sequencing. He is active, as main partner, in several other European Projects targeting advanced optical and nano-technological approaches for bio-sensing on cell cultures and living tissues. He published more than 170 papers on peer-review impacted journals with an average IF>7; over 10000 citations.  


Selected Publications



Selected past publications as first author.

1. De Angelis F, Patrini M, Das G, Maksymov I, Galli M, Businaro L, et al. A hybrid plasmonic-photonic nanodevice for label-free detection of a few molecules. Nano Letters. 2008;8(8):2321-7.

2. De Angelis F, Gentile F, Mecarini F, Das G, Moretti M, Candeloro P, et al. Breaking the diffusion limit with super-hydrophobic delivery of molecules to plasmonic nanofocusing SERS structures. Nature Photonics. 2011;5(11):682-7.

3. De Angelis F, Das G, Candeloro P, Patrini M, Galli M, Bek A, et al. Nanoscale chemical mapping using three-dimensional adiabatic compression of surface plasmon polaritons.Nature Nanotechnology. 2010;5(1):67-72

4. De Angelis F, et al. 3D Hollow Nanostructures as Building Blocks for Multifunctional Plasmonics. Nano Letters. 2013; 13, 3553-3558.

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