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Filippo Pisano

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Research Line

Multifunctional Neural Interfaces with deep-brain regions


CBN@UniLe Lecce


+39 0832 1816 262


My research focuses on novel tools for neuro-photonic research. I am working on the development of multifunctional, versatile probes to interface with deep brain regions combining optics, photonics and nanofabrication technologies.

I received my PhD in Physics (2017) from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland)  where I worked on advanced technologies for spatio-temporal control of neural circuits in the mammalian retina using optogenetics. At Strathclyde, I worked with the Neurophotonics group at the Institute of Photonics (IoP), Dept. of Physics. In spring 2015, I was visiting researcher at the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC).

I hold a M.Sc. in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics (2012) and a B.Sc. in Physics (2010) from the University of Torino, where I helped developing optical methods for the functionalisation of artificial diamond for photonic applications and I collaborated in the investigation of calibration effects in the reconstruction of muon trajectories generated from proton-proton collisions at the CMS experiment-CERN. 




Selected Publications

*co-first authors, ** co-last authors

F.Pisano*, M.Pisanello*, S.J.Lee, J.Lee, E.Maglie, A.Balena, L.Sileo, B.Spagnolo, M.Bianco, M.Hyun, M.De Vittorio**, B.L.Sabatini**, F.Pisanello**
Depth-resolved fiber photometry with a single tapered optical fiber implant
Nature Methods, 16, 1185-1192(2019) [link]
F.Pisano*, M.Pisanello*, M.De Vittorio**, F.Pisanello**
Single-cell micro- and nano-photonic technologies
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 325, 108355 (2019) [link]
M.Pisanello*, F.Pisano*, M.Hyun,E.Maglie, A.Balena, M.De Vittorio, B.L.Sabatini, F.Pisanello 
The three-dimensional signal collection field for fiber photometry in brain tissue
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13, 82 (2019) [link]
Pisano F.*, Pisanello M.*, Sileo L., Qualtieri A., Sabatini B.L., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Focused ion beam nanomachining of tapered optical fibers for patterned light delivery
Microelectronic Engineering 195, 41-49 (2018) [PDF]
Pisanello M.*, Pisano F.*, Sileo L., Maglie E., Bellistri E., Spagnolo B., Mandelbaum G., Sabatini B.L., De Vittorio M. & Pisanello F. 
Tailoring light delivery for optogenetics by modal demultiplexing in tapered optical fibers
Scientific Reports  8, 4467 (2018) [PDF]
Rizzo, A., Lemma E.D., Pisano F., Pisanello M., Sileo L., De Vittorio M.**, Pisanello F.**
Laser micromachining of tapered optical fibers for spatially selective control of neural activity
Microelectronic Engineering 192, 88–95 (2018) [PDF]
Sileo L.*, Bitzenhofer S.H.*, Spagnolo B.*, Popplau J.A.*, Holzhammer T., Pisanello M., Pisano F., Bellistri E., Maglie E., De Vittorio M., Ruther P.**, Hanganu-Opatz I.L.**, Pisanello F.**
Tapered fibers combined with a multi-electrode array for optogenetics in mouse medial prefrontal  cortex
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 12, 771 (2018) [link]
F. Pisano*, E. Zampaglione*, N. McAlinden, J. Roebber, M. Dawson, K. Mathieson**, A. Sher**
Large scale matching of function to the genetic identity of retinal ganglion cells
Scientific Reports 7, 15395 (2017) [PDF].


Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA), Short Term Visit Program, 2015.

EPSRC, Doctoral Training Grant, 2013.


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