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Annalisa Abdel Azim

Post Doc
Post Doc

Research Line

Advanced Materials for Sustainable Future Technologies


CSFT@PoliTo Torino


Via Livorno 60, Torino
+39 011 5091 927


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, May 2018:  

Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT), Polytechnic University of Turin.

From CO2 to CH4 via biological methanation.

Master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology, December 2013:

Catechol 1,2 dioxygenases activity for waste-biomasses detoxification and valorisation.

Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science, October 2011:

Bio-H2 production by anaerobic fermentation: pre-treatments methods and trials of lignocellulosic biomasses




Biological conversion of CO2 anaerobic pure cultures bio-CH4 fermentation process design


1) CELBICON - “Cost-effective CO2 conversion into chemicals via combination of Capture, ELectrochemical and Biochemical CONversion technologies” Grant Agreement No. 679050.


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