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Center for Convergent Technologies, located in Morego (GE), is the largest research infrastructure of the whole IIT network and it is where the Foundation started its activity in 2006. Morego building hosts most of the research lines and administrative offices.

The rapid growth of IIT and the increasing number of competitive European projects won have filled Morego to maximum capacity, so the need for additional space has been met through the creation of a new research network which now includes the Center for Human Technologies (CHT), the Center for Synaptic Neuroscience and Technology (NSYN) and the Center for Robotics and Intelligence Systems (CRIS), all located in Genoa.


The building has a large number of capabilities in a wide range of the following research fields

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Materials characterizations: mechanical, thermal, electric, structural, chemical
  • Nanocomposites and Material processing: chemistry, laser writing, patterning, extrusion etc.
  • Optical Microscopy: confocal, STED, super-resolution microscopy
  • Nikon-IIT Imaging Center
  • Graphene laboratories for graphene synthesis and characterization, graphene ink, ink jet printing, spraying technologies, graphene composites, etc.
  • Optical spectroscopies: including ultrafast, low temperature, micro-probe spectroscopies
  • TEM/SEM facility
  • Raman and Plasmon spectroscopy laboratory
  • Clean room (approx. 600 sqm, class 100/1000/10000) equipped with e-beam lithography, dual ion beam lithography, processing and packaging
  • Pharmacology laboratory, including Mass spectroscopy facility, chemistry, NMR facility, etc..
  • Neuroscience laboratory, including optogenetics lab, neurophysiology laboratories, stem cell lab, virus lab, biochemistry facility etc.
  • Microelectrode array laboratory and bioelectronics laboratory
  • Robotics laboratories: humanoids lab, quadruped labs (hydraulic), robotic surgery,
  • Robotic rehabilitation laboratory
  • Human machine interaction laboratory
  • Machine learning, Artificial intelligence laboratories
  • Nanochemistry laboratories, including colloidal synthesis, biochemistry lab, chemical characterizations.