Workplace: Genova, IIT
Added on: 06/05/2019 - Expires on: 21/05/2019

IIT has established a collaboration with the Department of Physics of the Politecnico di Milano and finances 2 scholarships linked to PhD positions available at the PhD Programme in Physics, organized by Politecnico di Milano. Research and training activities are jointly conducted within IIT structures in Genova.

The two positions offered are linked to the following research projects:

  1. Teorethical Nanophotonics- Optical nanostructures are ubiquitous in modern Photonics, from the miniaturization of optical devices (Nano-optics) to the development of synthetic optical media (Metamaterials). The theoretical study and numerical modeling of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale is the key enabling expertise for the design of novel nano-photonic devices. In this framework, nonlinear optical nanostructures and metasurfaces are studied with the aim to realize ultrafast all-optical manipulation of light.

The research will comprise analytical and numerical analysis of the following phenomena at the nanoscale: (i) electromagnetic absorption/scattering in the harmonic regime and in the time domain; (ii) photo-thermal energy transport; (iii) photo-generated charge transport/injection.

  1. Theoretical Nanoenergy - We shall address the theoretical analysis of energy oriented systems by identifying micro/nano-scale solutions specifically towards an energy storage/harvesting integrated vision. Numerical and analytical approaches will be properly combined in order to achieve the best performing model. The final goal is to identify an innovative scheme capable, at the same time, to realize in the same device solar radiation harvesting to be stored within an electrochemical system.

The research will comprise analytical and numerical analysis of the following phenomena at the nanoscale: (i) electromagnetic absorption/scattering in the frequency domain; (ii) photo-electron energy conversion; (iii) electron/ions transport; (iv) mass transport.

Each recipient of the scholarships will develop the project under the joint supervision of Remo Proietti Zaccaria in Genova, and Giuseppe della Valle of the Politecnico di Milano.

Successful candidates are expected to have extended permanence in Genova where they will be part of an exciting and international working environment and will work in brand new laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Excellent communication skills in English, as well as ability to interact effectively with members of the research team, are mandatory.

In order to apply for these positions, it is mandatory to refer to the procedures administered by the Politecnico di Milano. The official call is available at this link: Bando XXXV ciclo dei corsi di Dottorato - 2019/2020 (italiano) and 35th cycle Ph.D.call - 2019/2020 (English); the relevant section for both positions are found in the Borse a Tema, under Fisica (Italian), and Topic Scholarships – Phsyics section (English).

Please, apply before deadline: 2pm (Italian time) on 21th May 2019




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