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2015 Phd Course Information


PHD Courses at the Università del Salento

The Università del Salento has published a call for applications to the next PhD courses. The official call's text is available from the University's website at the following link: Bando di ammissione al 31° ciclo dei corsi di dottorato di ricerca. Please refer to the University website for the official procedure.

The Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies (CBN) of the IIT ( is financing 8 positions at the following courses:

- Fisica e Nanoscienze (Physics and Nanoscience) - 1 position. Deadline August 3rd 2015.

Candidates are invited to read the two proposed research themes

  1. Development of kinetic energy functionals for nanoscience [...]
  2. Quantum mechanics under strong spatial electronic confinement [...]


- Scienze e Tecnologie Biologiche ed Ambientali (Biological and Environmental Science & Technology) - 1 position. Deadline August 3rd 2015


- Ingegneria dei Materiali e delle strutture e nanotecnologie - 6 positions. Deadline October 26th, 2015



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