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AboutPlatforms ■ D4

D4 (Drug Discovery, Development and Diagnostics)

D4 is the new platform being developed by IIT, combining the large scale facility of the Department of Drug Discovery and Development (D3) with the remarkable know-how in new tools for medical and biological diagnostics developed by the bionanotech facility of IIT.

The D3 Department aims at discovering innovative drugs  in a modern and state-of-the-art laboratory, characterized by  a creative academic environment. The basic concept is to combine the  D3  mission, to discover innovative medicines for human diseases,  with  the  solid state bio-chips technologies for genomics and proteomics and the  nanoparticle-based  technologies  for  intelligent drug delivery  and labeling in optical and magnetic diagnostics, either in vivo or in vitro.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 11:20